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The Financial
Inclusion Company

Enabling lenders to instantly qualify anyone on earth for credit using only the anonymized,
non-biased and consumer consented data from their smartphones.

Our Mission

To make the world flat for credit by connecting consumers everywhere with lenders anywhere.

We believe that the financial gap is far too wide. We are passionate about shrinking the global wealth gap and expanding opportunity by enabling a fair and more inclusive credit process.

Opportunity Numbers


Global number of people underbanked or unbanked


Credit Gap in trillions


Approximate # of unbanked/underbanked with mobile phone

Credit in The
Palm of Your Hand

Prosperas combines digital finance with mobile phones to bring credit to millions of credit invisible people.

Our Products


Consumers are pre-qualified through the “Get Credit” button in their pre-installed Super Apps and matched with lenders that fit them best at no cost to them.


Lenders only pay when a consumer accepts an offer. Lenders are able to customize products and define customer pre-qualification parameters.


Enables lenders to qualify previously unscoreable prospects. It is deployed as an SDK or our branded app, reports delivered via dashboard or APIs.