Qualify customers with confidence

Lenders get access to up to 300M consumers who’ve been prescreened with built-in fraud detection and prequalified to match specific, configurable criteria. Consumers are pre-qualified through the “Get Credit” button in their pre-installed Super Apps and matched with lenders that fit their needs best at no cost to the Consumer.

They’re then able to automatically convert leads to customers via a messaging platform of their choice.

Lenders only pay when leads are converted.


Over 300M consumers across LATAM are available for pre-qualification with the “Get Credit” button in their super apps.

Consumers are prequalified using unbiased, anonymized, digital data straight from their mobile phones.

Consumers are then matched with lenders that best fit their needs.

All applicants undergo a fraud pre-screen.

Users Sign Up via Super App or Messaging App

Their simple credit application begins through a Super App, WhatsApp, or other messaging apps.

Download on the App Store and Google Play

Prospero Marketplace

Increase your revenue potential by qualifying millions of underbanked and unbanked consumers for your products and services. Prospero Marketplace scores consumers using anonymized data from their devices and delivers highly qualified consumers for conversion to credit customers at scale. Customize lending products and define pre-qualification parameters. Pay only when a consumer accepts a loan offer.

How it Works

Find the best customers

The widest pool of potential customers in Latin America with over 300M phones connected to the digital marketplace.

Maximize customer acquisition

Consumers prequalified directly from their mobile phone using anonymized, unbiased, digital data. Every phone has the data; nobody is unscorable.

Reduce origination fraud

All leads screened for potential fraud.

Unique data on each lead

Risk score, probability to repay, probability to convert, fraud score.

Streamlined mobile application

Consumers apply directly from their mobile phone through a short application.

Get started immediately

No integration needed or any complicated
implementation. Simply sign-up and get access to the lender portal.