Prosperas a winner at Santander X Global Challenge

Prosperas a winner at Santander X Global Challenge

A global challenge to identify the most innovative startups and scaleups with the greatest potential for growth in the use of blockchain technology

Blockchain technology is revolutionising the world just as the internet did in its day, and an increasing number of sectors see the enormous potential in this type of technology in terms of redefining and enhancing their business models.

With the aim of supporting innovation to improve productivity and employment, as well as to solve problems relevant to society, Banco Santander and Oxentia Foundation are launching the Santander X Global Challenge | Blockchain and Beyond to seek out startups and scaleups with innovative and scalable solutions using blockchain technology.

At the event in Decentraland, and with a space designed by Polygonal Mind, the 6 winners of this global challenge, apart from the cash prize and access to Santander X 100, received an exclusive NFT designed by Oxentia Foundation. In addition, users who access to watch the final via streaming on Decentraland got the wearables of the event: a cap and a bracelet that will allow them to customize their Metaverse avatars.


The Winners:

Financial inclusion for excluded people from the financial system. Prosperas harnesses anonymized behavioural metadata from mobile phones to create an accurate alternative credit score on a blockchain-based, machine learning enabled platform.


Finteum LTD
Global interbank treasury platform for intraday FX swaps and repo. Finteum is creating a global financial market for intraday FX swaps and repo. Rather than replicating existing transactions on-ledger, our platform uses DLT and atomic settlement methods to create a way to optimize intraday liquidity usage that was previously not available to bank treasury teams.



A blockchain company that was first to create stablecoins backed by Agro-Commodities. By creating stable coins enabled by blockchain and smart contracts we create new, unique and improved financial products that will satisfy all financial needs in superior ways.


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