Financial Inclusion For All

With Digital Smartphone Data

We enable lenders to reach the unbanked, increase approval rates, and reduce defaults.

Our Mission

Expand Financial Access For Everyone

We seek to make financial inclusion a global reality by connecting consumers everywhere with lenders anywhere.

Our company is focused on financial inclusion, protecting privacy and creating a more prosperous world. We enable lenders to reach more customers with less risk using anonymized, unbiased and consumer consented data from their smartphones. Everyone with a smartphone has this data, no more unscorable customers.


Limits of traditional credit data prevent lenders from accessing thin and no-file applicants


Global number of underbanked or unbanked individuals


3.1 trillion dollar credit gap exists between credit demand and the limits of traditional credit data


Approximate number of unbanked/underbanked with mobile phone

Everyone with a smartphone is scorable

Our Products provide hyper-qualified leads, combat fraud, and enable more credit decisions with less risk.

Prospero Recommender

Enables lenders to qualify previously unscoreable prospects. Consumers can securely share consented data for evaluation to gain access to the financial system available to others. The Recommender is deployed as an SDK or as a branded app, reports delivered via dashboard or APIs.

Prospero Marketplace & Match

We build a credit marketplace within “SuperApps” of telcos or any SuperApp and we build a standalone credit marketplace. Our marketplace is a powerful engagement tool designed to attract and keep active customers. The Prospero Marketplace is built to connect hyper-qualified consumers directly to lenders. Consumers will have access to a streamlined application with a “Get Credit Button” for pre-qualification and fraud screening. Lenders are able to configure credit products within the marketplace with tailored pre-qualification parameters.

Qualified consumers will be matched directly with lenders fitting their credit needs in less than a minute. Lenders only pay when a lead is converted to a credit customer.

If you need a credit marketplace in your SuperApp or a standalone marketplace, you need Prosperas. If you are a lender, our marketplaces will lower your customer acquisition costs and default rates.